Urbanenduro ambassadors Gravity School Racing will be riding RAAW bikes in 2024

It promises to be a great year!

February 8, 2024

May 21, 2024

This exciting collaboration will see Gravity School Racing's impressive roster of riders hit the tracks aboard RAAW's highly regarded Yalla frame.

The partnership promises a busy year for the team. They'll be competing in a full European Cup and Portugal Cup season, with select appearances at World Cup and UK National events.

Beyond the races, the team also organizes coaching camps throughout the year, held in both the UK and Portugal. These camps offer riders the chance to hone their skills and develop outside of competition, with professional coaching focused on all aspects of racing.

RAAW highlights the importance of proper training grounds for peak performance.  While many athletes travel long distances for winter training, Gravity School Racing has a unique advantage - a home track that replicates the intensity of a World Cup race weekend.